(style frames)
This is a short sequence on the journey of hairs escaping a slob’s greasy scalp.

Landscape Renders
(3d renders)
This is a collection of realistic rendering on nature and landscape in Cinema 4D.

Everyday is a Coffee Day
This animated short for Saturn Coffee celebrates the brand’s fun design and playful lifestyle.

Desert, Forrest & Iceland
This abstract 3D short follows a ball to travel through desert, forrest, and iceland.

2D Abstract Shapes
This is an exploration on 2D motion graphics and music editing.

Mild Exhale
(zine design)
Mild Exhale is a zine based on Marina Abramović and constraining traditions towards women such as Geisha and Corset. 

To reflect Marina Abramović’s performance art piece, The Artist is Present, I put on Geisha makeup and look into people’s eyes.

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