Kanopy Website

(design research)
(what is kanopy website?)
A streaming website for library patrons to watch independent films and documentaries, as well as a platform for users to connect, discuss and explore.

(why does kanopy website need a rebrand?)
Some libraries are signing off from Kanopy because the cost is high while the value is not as satisfactory. Kanopy fails to show off its educational value.

(who are the target audiences?)
The website is designed for both academic and public library patrons. The target audience includes students, professors, ciniphiles and higher education demographics.

Kanopy needs to emphasize on enhancing its educational features and connecting users through film reflection and reviews.
Individual Project

(01)(landing page & explore film titles)
Ella is trying to watch required films from her College course on Kanopy. After signing up using her student account, she arrives the landing page.
    The landing page showcases main recommendation and popular genres. Ella can explore titles and details about a certain genra by going into "SEE ALL". She can also filter out films based on subject, suppliers, filmmakers, etc.
(02)(search & watch a film)
Ella searches a required film, A Brighter Summer Day. She gets the result from the suggestion bar. In the film page, she can read the details of the film and find other suggesting titles.
(03)(creating a clip)
As Ella watches the film, there's one specific scene that she wants to mark down. She can utilize the Create A Clip tool to trim the video and save the clip to her playlist.
(04)(comment & review)
After finishing the film, Ella rates it and leaves her thoughts as comment. She adds interesting films from the recommendation section to her watchlist.
    Ella is able to read other people's comments and reviews, some have interesting points that are very helpful. She can bookmark great reviews and save them to her Kanopy notebook.

(user research)
(user persona)
(user journey map)

(type scale)
(grid system)
(adaptive elements)


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