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To live is to translate. In the multicultural world we live in today, translation is required everywhere. The structure of the book explores translation in both literal and cultural perspectives. Translation bridges communication and thus connects different cultures/worlds together. Untranslatability is inevitable as languages emerge from various structures, however, new definitions and knowledge are constantly developed as translation continues to be necessary and utilized for communication.
Individual Project

For research, this project requires a ton of reading! I went to both the school library and online database, looking for any materials related to translation. Then I tried to find the correlation between all the topics, piecing them together to tell a story told in the form of a book. I went through several explorations on designing layouts. Printing out and seeing spreads on the actual wall helped a lot with the entire book’s pacing. I even bound a smaller dummy copy to better double-check my pacing and typography details.

LA in Other Wor(l)ds


The city is a translational zone where cultures interact and exchange codes. Los Angeles is a great example of such diversity: people from more than 140 countries, speaking 224 different identified languages, currently call Los Angeles home.

To accompany the book launch for In Other Wor(l)ds, this interactive map invites Los Angeles dwellers to share their opinions about the city in another language. Participants can pin a location on the digital map and share their unique perspective of LA, whether it be a favorite restaurant, the best place to hike, or just a feeling.
Individual Project

LA in Other Wor(l)ds Website: Landing Page

LA in Other Wor(l)ds Website: Creating A Response

Archive Books


Through a publishing practice grounded in cross-cultural collaborations, Archive Books is invested in un-weaving repressive voices and reclaiming the archive itself as a tool which no longer categorizes but rather continuously un-fixes, de-archives and re-archives through non-hegemonic models.

To accompany the book design for In Other Wor(l)ds, I have redesigned Archive Books as the publisher. This new identity utilizes the form of simple rulers to represent the concept of measuring, analyzing and archiving knowledges.
Individual Project

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