Dream Age

(book design)
(exhibition catalog)

Dream Age is a hypothetical exhibition about postwar Japanese experimental art, focusing specifically on photography and theater. This design showcases the avant-garde artists who broke away from the dominant journalistic tradition of Japanese photography to create raw, subjective images of the world around them.

Photography has an intimate connection to the language. The image itself is not an idea, but it provokes thoughts and concepts. By mirroring the typography, I intend to convert the form of language into a visual image. Inspired by Terayama Shuji’s monotone experimental film, I chose green as the main hue for the catalog to represent the overall sense of surrealism from the era.
Individual Project

︎︎︎Graphis New Talent 2021 Silver Award

(poster series)
To reflect the provocative spirit from the artists’ work, I experimented with a bolder layout for the poster series. By flipping certain characters, I add spontaneity and tie back to the concept of transforming language into images.

(exhibition brochure)

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