Black Swan

(style frames)
(title sequence)

This sequence focuses on the internal conflict Nina experiences throughout the film as she suffers to become the Black Swan. Water acts as a framing device that represents the obstacle and enabler of Nina transforming into “Black Swan”. As the ink and water interact with typography, the scene becomes distorted to echo illusions. Finally, the type finishes its transformation while the environment turns clear, signifying the struggle has come to an end.
Individual Project

(style frames)

(original photos)
I started by experimenting how the letter interacts with ink and water, then I shot each object separately. By doing so, I was able to create a large library of images that I can use in compositing. I had the freedom to control individual elements and layered them up in photoshop to build the final output.

(the photo shoot)
My set consists of laser-cut letters, ink, wire, water, a fish tank, and a small transparent container.

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