I am a thinker. My head races with questions 24/7, even in my dreams. Does a fallen maple leaf feel joy or pain when it’s stepped on and cracks? Why doesn't mouthwash have a less literal name like detergent or shampoo? Luckily, my curiosity finds its perfect playground in the design field. My random and unusual thoughts are where I find inspiration. As a motion and graphic designer, I can stretch my uniqueness and transform my thoughts into visual stories. Today, my open-mindedness and imagination allow me to explore and challenge the limits of what the world holds now.

︎︎︎Me in a Minute


(09.2017 – 04.2022)
ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Motion and a minor in Business 


(06.2022 - present)
Brand New School, Los Angeles, CA
Visual Designer

(05.2021 – 09.2021)
Imaginary Forces, Santa Monica, CA
Motion Design Intern

(09.2020 – 12.2020)
Midnight Sherpa, Los Angeles, CA
Motion Design Intern


Young Ones Portfolio Student Award

Unspoken System (short film)
︎︎︎Young Ones ADC Student Merit 
︎︎︎Communication Arts 2022 Design Annual

A Sun
(title sequence)
︎︎︎Promax Awards Spark Student 2022: Art Direction & Design
︎︎︎Promax Awards Spark Student 2022: Best Use of Music
︎︎︎Communication Arts Design Annual 62
︎︎︎Young Ones ADC Student Gold Cube

Kanopy (brand identity)
︎︎︎Promax Awards Spark Brand Identity Finalist  
︎︎︎Graphis New Talent 2021 Silver Award

Dream Age (exhibition catalog)
︎︎︎Graphis New Talent 2021 Silver Award

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