A Sun 

(title sequence)

A Sun, a Taiwanese film by Chung Mong-hong, is an authentic portrayal of a family bearing the hardship of unmet expectations and unspoken grief. It depicts the suffocating reality of life that continues through the search for a solution. The sequence focuses on a single thread intertwining, creating a pattern of lines that form the endless knot. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes hope for family unification. The growing threads represent the family’s reformation after being split by tragedies.
Collaborators: Tiffany Shen, Joie Sui
Art Direction: Cathy Xiao, Tiffany Shen
Storyboard: Tiffany Shen, Cathy Xiao, Joie Sui
Editorial: Tiffany Shen, Cathy Xiao
3D Design/Animation: Cathy Xiao, Tiffany Shen, Joie Sui

︎︎︎Promax Awards 2021 Spark Art Direction & Design: Motion Graphic - Gold Medalist
︎︎︎Promax Awards 2021 Spark Best Use of Music - Gold Medalist
︎︎︎Communication Arts Design Annual 62
︎︎︎Young Ones ADC Student Gold Cube 

(style frames)

(storyboard process)
In the early stages of concept development we were challenged with finding a visual representation of life. We had become too caught up in trying to retell the whole film through individual character studies. After stepping back and re-immersing ourselves in the story, we realized that the essence of the film is not of the individuals but the connections between them. Hence the idea centered around the formation of a Chinese endless knot was born. Then we started sketching out many possible scenes of threads intertwining and interacting.
(references )

We researched both rendered and realistic images of strings and threads to create our version of knot. In order to depict an authentic Taiwanese apartment, we went on Airbnb for reference images and asked around our friends for detailed pictures.


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